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Are you sick and tired of stressing out Over Money? Ready to Stop the daily grind of living paycheck to paycheck?


Kevin Harrison

As someone who personally understands the physical, emotional, and relational stress money problems can produce, I guide my clients away from financial pitfalls and towards financial peace, using time-tested and proven principles of wise stewardship. 

do you find it difficult to talk with your spouse about money?

Take the stress out of money conversations

Couples Communication Workshop - Coming in the Fall 2021

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What do these numbers tell us?

1 %
households living paycheck to paycheck
$ 1 trillion
US Consumer Debt
1 %
women experiencing stress over money
~ 1 %
Americans with less than $1000 in savings

A balanced budget is NOT the solution...

Money problems are rarely math problems. What differentiates me from other coaches is that I go straight to the heart of the financial issues you’re experiencing. I do this by examining unmet expectations, uncovering false perceptions, and improving couples communication. Taking the proper action with money, first requires having the proper perspective of money.

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