My first job after graduate school was working in a Cardiac Rehab clinic. In this career, my responsibility was creating exercise prescriptions for rehab patients and coaching them through the plan. As I transitioned from the healthcare field into the world of financial services it didn’t take long to see at least three similarities between the two.

F is for Form

Maintaining the proper form during exercise helps to prevent injury, as well as effectively target specific areas of the body that need attention. When it comes to taking control of your finances, having good form is essential. Put a plan in place at the very beginning in order to prevent a lot of wasted energy. This will also allow you to better evaluate where your money is going. Simply put, a written plan is good form.

I is for Intensity

Exercise intensity impacts the efficacy of a fitness program. Likewise, the focus and intensity that you put into the details of managing your money will determine your success. I appreciate the term that Dave Ramsey gives this insight – “Gazelle-like Intensity”

T is for Time

The duration of an exercise session is also addressed in a proper exercise prescription. If you want to be fiscally fit, it is important to understand the time-value of money. How can this work against you? How can you leverage it for your benefit? Finally, you should embrace the discipline and reward of delayed gratification in achieving long-term, financial peace.

It’s Never Too Late

I cannot stress this truth enough. No matter what your finances look like today, the best time for you to begin the pursuit of financial freedom is NOW. If I can overcome the struggles and poor decisions of my past, you can too. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, I would love the opportunity to coach, encourage, and guide you through the process.

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