I can’t afford it

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from people interested in hiring a financial coach is, “How I am supposed to be able to afford a coach?”. This is especially true for those that have a significant amount of debt and very little margin in their monthly budget. There are certainly some instances in which it can be more of a luxury than a necessity, however, I have found that this tends to be the exception rather than the norm.

You can’t afford not to

How do I respond to this question? Usually, I respond by asking a few clarifying questions to better understand an individual or a couple’s financial picture. There are no “canned” solutions I’ve found to be universally effective, so I try hard not to fall into the trap of thinking that coaching is for everyone. That being said, in most cases, hiring a financial coach will help you find more, save more, and make more money. l could give you anecdote after anecdote of this truth, but I’ll stick to the most recent experience.

It pays for itself

This past week I ran into a former colleague I hadn’t seen in ten years, and we quickly began catching up on each other’s lives. Later in the conversation, the subject of money management came up and soon after, we were in the middle of a coaching session. At the end of that one conversation, we had uncovered an additional $1,500 per year in income with one simple step.

This is not at all uncommon.

So, whether you are in need of creating a financial solution to get out of debt and wisely plan for the future, or you’re seeking advice on how to better manage the resources you’ve been given, it may be that hiring a financial coach it just what you need to get and stay fiscally.fit.

Make this your story

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