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The first three months of 2020 are nearly complete, and there is one word that best describes what we’ve experienced thus far – unprecedented

We have an unprecedented virus placing unprecedented burden on our healthcare system, an unprecedented quarantine reeking unprecedented havoc on our families and economy, and, of course, an unprecedented demand for toilet paper that leaves us baffled at an unprecedented level.

In times of uncertainty and unpredictability it is important for us to remember that we still have the power to choose how we respond. 

“The history of free men is never really written by chance but by choice; their choice!” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Throughout life there are so many circumstances and factors that are out of our control, but regardless of what trials we face in life, we maintain our capacity to choose how we act in response to the twists and turns. 

When it comes to our financial health (and mental health), it is imperative during stressful times for us to focus on the things within our realm of control and not the things outside of our influence. Place your attention on what you CAN do to improve your financial well-being in the present moment, instead of dwelling on what has been lost or the dire predictions of our 24-news cycle (these programs spend a lot of money trying to get you to focus on the CAN’T because fear keeps you tuned in).

So, here’s you FIT tip of the year:


I am hearing many silver-lining stories from clients who have harnessed the power of the “can-do” mentality and taken some pretty significant steps towards fiscal fitness. Here are some things you CAN do:

  1. Call up your credit card companies and ask them to lower your interest rate.
  2. Explore refinancing your home due to historically low rates. 
  3. Consider cancelling certain services or subscriptions temporarily to save money.
  4. Create a weekly meal plan with only items from the kitchen.
  5. Call auto insurance providers and temporarily put additional vehicles in storage.
  6. Clean out the garage and sell unneeded items online.
  7. Finish filing those taxes and get that refund.
  8. Setup budget billing with your utilities company.
  9. Help another family in need (like sharing some of that TP you have in the closet).
  10. Schedule a virtual coaching session with me so that we can create a game plan focused on the CANs. 

Special thanks for many of my clients and Coach Nicole Johnson for some of these suggestions.

Questions or Comments? Feel free to send me a message below.

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